Fly, Little Bird

January 2, 2012
Tiny hatchling, peeping for food,
Smallest and only surviving member of the brood.
Sitting hungry, alone in your nest,
Mother flies away, saying it's for the best.

Grow up and take flight,
First steps, to avoid a fight.
Look mom in the eye, say "I have to go"
She stands aside, hoping for a good show.

Temporary shelter, heart seeking love
Finding the only things certain are those found above.
A storm tears through your new tree,
The two branches supporting you, now debris.

Settle down, little bird, with your little mate
Until your tiny heart he decides to break.
Pushed from your nest once more
To make room for the one he truly adores.

Breathe deep, little bird, you will survive.
Remember, revenge is only possible when you are alive.
No matter how many times your wings break,
Still more pain, you'll be able to take.

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