Wars in Reflections

January 1, 2012
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Always hearing the same remarks over and over,
"she so stupid.""she so ugly"
They can never know the pain of my family name.
Having chains on my wrist, always pulling.

Looking and reaching out for help,
yet rarely receives it from anyone around me.
"she needs to disappear!" "she always selfish."
yet they never see the scars on my heart.

Only way to escape was through a mirror,
finding out the mirror stole half of her soul.
The ghosts of her past haunts her to insanity.
Changing her into a lifeless body.

One thing she want back was her life,
the mirror cracked when a single tear fell.
Her reflection caused her insanity,
A person split in two from a single touch.

A girl split by duty and heart,
one willing yo give up everything for one person,
one cased into a abysses by people she calls family
which of the two will win the body of the girl?

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