Tea Parties and Roses

January 1, 2012
By Gamboa89139 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Gamboa89139 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Pastel silk ruffles of a dress twirling in the wind gives off her slight scent of roses
Her angelic laughter fills the air as she falls on the damp grass.
As she rises, her eyes are filled with an uncontrollable laughter
Underneath the light of her eyes holds a smile filled with missing teeth.


The mental pictures she takes of the her opinion of interesting sites,
The joys that she experienced as she received her first horse, named Snow White
And her first reaction to eating a bitter melon
Are forever implanted in her memories.


As she grew, she learned more than the usual mathematic formulas
And read more than the usual fictional books.
She felt the anticipation of liking a boy
As well as the first kiss that took place under a Chinese blossom tree in the fall.


She discovered her love for nature
When she put the feet and arms of nature on her jumpsuit
Running in the fields barefoot and picking flowers was her favorite job
Washing off all of the dirt and leaves however, was not


Through the smelly and warm gyms she learned how to play basketball
The fascination of hearing the ‘swoosh’ of the net receiving the ball amazed her.
Wherever she went her uncontrollable laughter followed
Her laughter identified her, as unique and simple


Her first book obsession took place in fifth grade as she read, “Pride and Prejudice”
Since then, Elizabeth Bennet remained one of her female inspirational fictional characters.
Her love for that time period enhanced as she discovered classical music
Boy, when she heard Bach or Tchaikovsky play, she pretended she was in front of millions

Every morning, a flower lays at her bedside
Like a flower, she is beautiful filled with soft colors of white and the essences of pink
Through her slumber she dreams of achieving more than the standard goals of a woman
For she is strong and motivated.


Though she has progressed through tea parties and dolls,
She continues to hold the same smile as her father, and use the same eyes as her mother.
She knows one day she will achieve her dreams of being so much more,
And like the numerous colors in her eyes, she continues to make numerous dreams.


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