Tick Tock

January 1, 2012
Time is such a strange thing
There always seems to be too much of it
Or too little
Always at the wrong moment
But in the end, it always runs out,
Whether you want it to or not

And within time, there is change
Nothing in the world ever stays the same
Not the flowing rivers
Nor the pebble dragged along
Things are going to change and there’s nothing that I,
Or anyone else can do to change that
Nothing is permanent
Not life
Not the world
And not me

Sometimes I feel like my life is rushing past me
Like a furious storm sweeping the earth
While I just stand here and watch
Attempting and trying to understand it
To solve it
But there’s never enough time to actually try
To try to live

And sometimes,
Things go from being fantastic
To suddenly crashing down on top of me
And crushing me so I cant breath

I feel like I’m a puppet
A toy, or a tool
In some crewel master’s hands
And my fate is up to everyone else to decide
Except me
And I know I should take it back
But I’m never strong enough
I never have enough strength
Never have enough time
I feel like I’ll never be able to do anything meaningful
And if I even start to try,
I’ll fall short and crash down
And my time will run out.

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