Social Hindrance

January 1, 2012
By BryannaAkins PLATINUM, Garden Grove, California
BryannaAkins PLATINUM, Garden Grove, California
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Asperger’s Syndrome, known also as A.S.
This is my disability.
This hindrance causes me so much stress,
No one knows how bad it can be.

I can’t make friends as well as the others,
And I wish my friends would know.
Keeping friends is harder for me,
My friendships can’t seem to grow.

There are some things that are fine by me.
But no seems to see,
That when I shout, or yell, or snap,
They can’t seem to shut their trap.

I know they’re thinking, “What a brat!”
But sometimes, they act like that.
There are a few I see as a rat,
And there is no doubt about that.

Asperger’s Syndrome doesn’t mean I know crap;
I read so much that I know a little of everything.
But when talking about love, there’s an empty gap,
And when it gets too much, I tend to snap.

My hindrance isn’t all that bad.
I absorb info like a sponge.
Errors are what I like to expunge,
And my GPA makes me so glad.

My disability means I get stuck in La La Land.
This gets my mom really angry.
That’s why I’m probably better off alone.
I want them to understand.

Asperger’s Syndrome may win over sometimes; but I know I’ll come out on top someday!!!
With brains, comedy, and dashing good looks, I’ll bounce back from whatever comes my way!!!

The author's comments:
I wrote this for the year 2011 and 2012, hope u like it!!!

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