A Piece of My Heart (Made Only For You)

January 1, 2012
Why can I never keep a friend?
Why is it they always leave me?
Why is it they never call?
Why is it they make empty promises?

Why must they all leave me?
And promise to come back?
But soon enough, I face the truth,
They aren’t ever coming back.

Why must they hurt me so?
Build me up and break me down?
Learn my secrets,
Tell me stories,
Then always let me go?

Why must they always hurt me?
Taking away the little spot in my heart
I left there especially for them.
Make my heart ache as they rip it away?

By now, I’ve learned the cure,
To never let anyone get so close,
‘Cause in the end…
All they ever do is leave.

Why do I keep on hoping,
That one day, I will find a friend
As crazy, weird as me,
That will treat me right,
And never let me go?

Why do I always hope,
And keep entrusting friends like thee?
Why must you walk away,
Never to regret,
You’re leaving me?

My heart is gone,
Has chipped away,
From all the pain of yesterday.
And bracing myself of the pain that is yet to come
Leaves me hollow as a shell,
Waiting to be carried away.

But the truth that hurts,
That stings and scars,
Is that they aren’t coming back,
They are never coming back for you,
Just leaving you behind
Without ever turning back.

I have learned through experience,
That no matter how hard you try,
You never will prepare yourself
For the pain that is yet to come
From being left behind.

And what comes next,
Just hurts much more
As you feel your heart begin to break
And you know there is nothing you can do
To prepare yourself for the ache.

So you leave it,
Let it be,
Let it heal,
Let it scar,
Let it fix and mend itself
But you’ll always have a broken heart.

To tell yourself, “it’s for the best”
Would just be a silly lie.
The pain inside of you
Just makes you want to cry.

But life goes on,
And they move on,
Never turning back,
And as the time passes slow,
You finally learn to let it go.

And as your heart is on the mend,
It happens all again,
And though you know
It gets better soon,
Your heart just won’t last.

A heart can only break
Oh so many times
Before the bearer of said heart,
Begins to break herself.
And as she breaks and bends and molds,
She becomes a new, broken little girl,
Just waiting for your call.

So as you move away from me,
To break my heart again
Remember to take with you,
The piece of me you’ll always have.
A little piece of my heart.
Made only for you.

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Shortty1314 said...
Feb. 18, 2012 at 9:42 pm
I absolutely love it
B-Artistic said...
Jan. 16, 2012 at 11:48 pm
Full of intensity....especially the last para...gr8!
Angelgirl39 replied...
Jan. 17, 2012 at 12:27 am
Thanks! You are too kind.
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