Jimmy Boy

December 31, 2011

"It was cruel, what he did, what he proved, what he fell for.

You think you know a person but you don't. You mark their differences
and then you find out they're the same. It's all one person, this
Jimmy Two-Shoes, running through your life, parading and mascarading
and ruling. How can you love something that would rather be what you

She didn't say the last part, but I figured it out. I didn't see her
cry a single tear, perhaps because she knew now that he had never been
near. And yet it must’ve hurt, a betrayal that big, she must’ve hated
herself. Even smart girls fall. I envy the lover of life without a
single stain on his recollection; likely the plain pure one doesn't
know how to love life at all.
And I'll say again that it was cruel, what he did. Yet after
everything the worst off for it was him.

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