The Sun in the Rain

December 31, 2011
The raindrops fell, splashing back up staining this pure white world with tears.

The Tears of pain, of love, and of joy.

Tears that fell down the centuries of our existence.
The tears of the rain rushed down the slated hallways of our life

Until they reached the ocean of humanity
that was bubbling with the laugher of fear, that was steaming with the hatred of love, and that was singing with the hope for our dreams.

The waves leaping, trying to catch some sign of beauty. The sun shone down fighting to get through the steaming hatred,

so that he could shine a ray of hope upon a little girl who has lost her way.

So somehow she could find a way through the tears and the rain, the laughter and the pain, the music and the fear.

So somehow she could find her way home.

Somehow the sun would guide her though this world of fragile dreams, of hopes that were forgotten, of songs that were never played, and of the love that we will never forget.

To guide her when the world is falling apart around her, when the tears streaming down the windows, when the pain is all she can feel,

and when hope is only a distant thought, soon to be lost in the leaping waves.

To shine, little by little, light on the impossible.

To go and save the happiness that was slowly slipping away like the sun behind the mountains after a long day in tears.

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