Why People Cry

December 31, 2011
By M.S.H.O SILVER, Point Arena, California
M.S.H.O SILVER, Point Arena, California
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You were crying
And I wasn’t supposed to see
You were crying
And I wasn’t supposed to even know
But you knew that I was there
And you kept crying
Because you couldn’t stop
And I wanted to help
But my legs wouldn’t move
I wanted to tell you that everything would be alright
But my throat felt dry
So I just stood by the doorway of that room
You knew I was there
I know you wanted to stop
I know you did
But you just couldn’t
And as I stood there I thought about everyone else who can’t stop crying
And I hoped that they would stop some time soon
And I thought about why people cry
And why they don’t
And I felt my legs start to move toward you
Slow and quiet
Almost silent
And I kneeled down in front of you
And I told you in a shaky voice
That you would be alright in a while
And everything would get better soon
And you looked up at me
And your eyes were so red and tired
And this made me sad
Because I hated the look on your fragile face
And I started to cry
Because you were crying
And you took me into your arms
And you told me in a shaky voice
That I’d stop crying soon
And that everything would get better
And you then stopped crying
But I couldn’t
And I felt so frustrated
Because I wanted to hold you in my arms
And I wanted to be strong
But you just hugged me until I stopped
And I looked at you and you looked at me
And everything was slow and a little blurry
And you leaned in closer
And you didn’t blink
Not once
And then you kissed me
And I kissed you back
And we lay down on the floor
And the world stopped
I swear it did.

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