Running And Running

December 31, 2011
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We had nothing to do
We had nothing to say
We were sober
In a field
At two a.m.
My friends and I
Hyped up on Monsters and Red Bulls
So we ran
We had nothing to do
So we ran
We ran fast
We ran slow
We ran past farm houses
We jumped over fences
We snuck through properties
But we didn’t stop running
Not for anything
We ran for sometime
And came through a small town
But we didn’t stop running
We came to a forest
We slowed down
But we kept running
A friend of mine
With wavy honey colored hair
And rosy cheeks
She caught up to me and took my hand
And I squeezed it
For I liked her a lot
And we felt infinite
We ran
And we felt infinite
Like we were never ending
Like we were the only ones running
And I swear
The world stopped
Just for a moment
And I smiled at her and she smiled at me
And the world continued
And we just kept on running
We ran until we got back to that field
Somehow we got back to that field
We weren’t trying to find it
It wasn’t our destination
We never had a destination
But we ended up back at that field
And we stopped running
Our legs numb
Our faces hot and red
Our hands clammy
Our bodies tired
And I let go of my friend’s hand
And we lay down where we all were before
And we slept
We slept until the sun rose
And our parents missed us
So we went home
Leaving our empty cans
And our cigarette butts
And as I drove I thought
I thought that I would go back to that field
With my friend
Who had the wavy honey colored hair
And the rosy cheeks
And we would run again
And the world would stop
Just for a moment
And we would feel infinite once more.

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