hinging on words

December 31, 2011
By Anonymous

I can't tell you what it is
I know I'm wrong in it
But i also know it's real.

You know it too
You see it there
I'm not the only one
Living with this fear

It's more than disorder
Or lack of esteem
It's more than a feeling
Or trivial need

It consuming
Overwhelming me
It's intruding
Tells me what to be

This is my new life
Hinging on words
Never knowing
what it's all worth

The author's comments:
Even the strongest girls have a weakness, and the world won't rest till it not only finds your weakness, but exploits it. The pressures we face are insane. We have to look a certain way, act a certain way, have tons of friends and a boyfriend, or else... poof! You're ousted. Trust me -i would know. And even though all of us who don't meet the world standards can usually stand strong... the pressure can sometime make us explode. Both my best friend and I struggled with self image, but we were to afraid to own it and let others know. Thus we were left eating every word from the world's mouth and left wondering if maybe we were good enough now. The truth is though, we were not alone, despite what the media told us. There are tons of girls who share a struggle to love themselves,but why? We are special and beautiful and insightful. The very fact that we were made, hand crafted by god shows that we are more than "good enough"... we are good and we are chosen.

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