generation free

December 30, 2011
Has racism forgotten yet?
Some people will say no but I beg differ
Segregation was abolished in 1962
That’s over 49 years ago
But we segregation our selves
At schools I see blacks with blacks and whites with whites
Some black people hang with folks but not that many
One or two I’m saying we have got to step out of our social bubbles the last generation did an ok job of that but not like we can
We can set the perfect example for our children that we should not segregation our selves
We shouldn’t look at each other s as white or black
Hispanic, Chinese, or any race at all
We should look at each other as equals because no one is better than any one
We are generation free

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josika said...
Jan. 10, 2012 at 7:06 am
awesome! we are generation free. i love it. (indian speaking)
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