Demon Disease

December 30, 2011
As I stand here,
I let myself go,
Let my soul,
My passion,
It flies out of me,
Ripping out of my being,
I scream,
Try to stop this demon from eating me.
But it has already taken its hold,
It will not release me,
Because I have let it win.
I have given in to this demon,
I have given up on my lifeline,
The only thing between me,
And this demon.
Now that I have destroyed that thread,
That miniscule thread that preserved me,
This demon is free to release its wrath,
To torture me,
With this pain.
It burns my heart,
That I have let it win,
This battle that I have been fighting,
For years,
I have given up,
And let this demon devour me.
As I crouch there,
Overcome with pain,
I realize there is no saving me,
Not after I let go,
This demon,
This disease,
Is already too far along.
It has been too far along,
For months.
Screaming I slowly melt away,
Into nothingness,
Into peace.

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