Journey of a Text Message

December 29, 2011
By alexb42621 PLATINUM, Brecksville, Ohio
alexb42621 PLATINUM, Brecksville, Ohio
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Robert sends out a text message. It travels through the necessary mediums in his electronic hand held communicator, and joins the dense traffic of other messages and live calls in the radio waves of space. His job is to find the nearest cell tower, be refigured there for arrival at another device. He is pulled to the nearest tower and can feel the energy increasing as he gets closer. When he arrives, his properties, his identity we can call it, have been reconfigured for a safe and uninterrupted arrival. A copy of himself has been made for emergency purposes. He is polished, repaired, and sent away just as quickly as he came. He journeys away from the cell tower, this time feeling the dispersing of density as he gets farther. He does not know where he goes, but he knows that he must be important because he is incoming to the phone with the label "Urgent". When he arrives, he is again "patted down" and scanned. He makes his way again into the maze of the phone's motherboard, feeling where he needs to go. He finds the receptor, lands, and waits to be opened. Once he is opened he exists only on the phone until he is deleted, and his "twin" exists in the cell tower. That is the end of our text messages journey.

The author's comments:
Interesting little knick-knack.

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