I Forgave But Never Forgot

December 13, 2011
By LadyBenzo BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
LadyBenzo BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
That which doesn't destry us makes us stronger.

You do not deserve to have a daughter like me.
You never appreciated me when I was younger.
Now that you see that I’m making something out of myself you want to be here so you can get something out of me.
It do not work like that
Yeah I forgave you for not being there but I never forgot how you treated me.
It does not matter how many times you try and make up for lost times; it won’t work.
All you can do is move forward and leave the past as it was and don’t’ try to change it.
All the pathetic apologies and lame excuses are no doing any good.
You are not making anything any better by making excuses and lies.
All I have to say is you just need to do for me what you can now and move on; cause I have

Lady Benzo

The author's comments:
My dad was never there for me when i was younger. Then one day he just up and popped back into my life. I allowed this because i did want that relationship with my dad. However, i want him to know that i never forgot that he was not there for me. So he shouldn't act as though he didn't do anything

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