One saved two thousand lost

December 13, 2011
By eagletree BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
eagletree BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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walk till your feet bleed
walk till the ocean cleans the sores
walk in a hurry
only to end up in the same position

walk fast or slow
walk a million miles
to see on fall in a hole

rush through life
slow down and enjoy each second
end up here up there

no matter what the world Will still rot
problems will still occur
take a breathe and relax

its better to make it late
then die on your way there
so enjoy the roadblocks
find ways to be happy out of nothing

there is a loop hole in everything
all you have to do is find it

one step two step three
this life is mine
my time is now
lets never look down!
go on into beyond!

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