Maze of Life

December 13, 2011
By eagletree BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
eagletree BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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A life without fear
A life without sorrow
Nothing is as prefect as what God had made it

I look out on to the world willing and ready
Determined to reach a goal that seems almost impossible

Determined to reach what lays ahead the path I take
I once had little confidence
Yet now I stand up against unbreakable walls

A dragonfly rests on my finger
Just as the sun heats up the pool in my back yard
A sand storm passes over my head

None of my friends have died thank God
One almost died by a cracked head
Some others by there own hands
Lost in there own sorrow with a knife.

Twin towers were brought down
Crushed to the floor killing 2,976 and injuring 300 more.

I’ve herd thunder shake a house
Like an earthquake bringing it down.
Yet it still stood tall and strong.

I’ve driven through mountains on a cloudy day
Drove on road in Indiana more narrow then it car itself
Arrived to a farm to see a possum head
It was all that remains from the unknown animals lunch.
A vulture circles around the area seeing what to eat

I’ve walked on black top with crows swarming about
40-50 of them staring at its prey,
Each crow big enough to eat my little 30-pound dog in one bite.
And yet we walked on by

Almost hitting a cow really opens my eyes
Doge left to avoid the cow only so a semi hits it right on
Life is what you make it

As I stand here on the ground
I am an author
I am a thinker
I am determined
All things are possible for here I stand with my faith in God.

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