Doing What You Love

December 13, 2011
By Lauren0701 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Lauren0701 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Somewhere a little boy just wants to dance,
All he needs is to be given a chance.
Doing the thing he loves should be allowed,
Because it will surely make others proud.

Elsewhere a young girl hopes to hit a home run,
She should do what she wants as long as it is fun.
Her goal might be different or a little unique,
She doesn’t care, she’ll turn the other cheek.

These kids should have an opportunity,
It may lower their insecurities.
They could possibly not be the best,
Even though, they are sure up for the test.

It might seem hard to accomplish your dreams,
Don’t worry, they are closer then they seem.
Hard work and dedication will get you your spot,
And you’ll love what you’re doing a whole lot.

You should always reach for the stars,
As long as you don’t end up behind bars.
Everyone should find the thing that they love.
When they do, it will fit them like a glove.

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