Summer with you

December 13, 2011
By Jacienaej BRONZE, Hillsboro, North Dakota
Jacienaej BRONZE, Hillsboro, North Dakota
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Favorite Quote:
"Far from what i once was but not yet what i'm going to be"

I met you the early month of May
It was a matter of coincidence
I was thinking you were going to fade away
That all of it was just a incidence
But like the warm summer sun you stayed
when I was hurt, sad, happy and mad
and like the green grass you portrayed
a different side of me I never could’ve made
We did everything together those days
Together like the clouds in the sky
never did we give up and leave away
you never threatened to say goodbye
Thank you for giving me the best May, June, July
Without you those months I’d probably would cry

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