December 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Whoever you are these days
It’s sad
Sad to see you’ve done it again
Same lines
Same lies

What a shame
You’ve lost it
Lost you
You’re pretending again
Pretending to be what you think she wants
You’re pathetic, darling
Where’s the real you
Is there a real you?

Can’t you see it now?
It always ends the same
You change
You always change
You leave
You always leave

Didn’t you see it?
See that I would have done anything for you
I would have waited
Three months
Three years
Didn’t matter

You blew it
And now you’re on to someone new
Enchanted by your smile
Drunk off your words
Tell her she can join the club
The club of fools who fell for you
We can trade stories
We can compare scars

I’m sorry, darling
Sorry I never made it clear
I guess you’ll never know
Never realize how much you meant to me
Mean to me

You are someone I cannot forget
And I
I was just another girl
I just happened to be in your path of destruction

So, where do we stand?
You in that corner
Me in this corner
Staring each other down
Sizing each other up
I forfeit this match
I don’t stand a chance against you,
Whoever you are these days

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