Hopeless Love

December 29, 2011
By Izaac96 GOLD, Jersey City, New Jersey
Izaac96 GOLD, Jersey City, New Jersey
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"Both Poverty and riches are offspring of thought" -Napoleon Hill

She was a nightmare
The most evil kind
Her world was intricate
Her person was astounding

She lived high on herself
With walls reaching to the sky
Keeping all roses away
Living with thorns for beauty

She was running on her twentieth year
Running strong, running alone
Running to nowhere with no one
No one to care for, no one cared for

Then there was him
He was her champion
Her very first and last hero
Her very own dream come true

Then there was the problem
A love that wasn't reciprocated
A boomerang made out of a heart that didn't come back
A case of unfortunate infatuation

Then there was the struggle
A fight for a true love that wasn't hers
A justification for a lifestyle of pain and torture
A game of turning tables, chasing pavements and changing faces

All to no avail was the end of her campaign
For her heart was carefully placed on a star crossed path
Defeat, however, she did not take kindly to
And then there was hell to pay

All of it, she paid in full
The reason her grand had been up all along
This feeling of vulnerability
The wanting of something you could not have

All accounts point to the same pattern
All pointed to the same rules of injustices
Her escape back into herself
A journey deeper into true insanity
The end of living as she was born to know it

She found love in a truly hopeless place
Then she sadly remained in a hopeless place
All her life, remaining in a hopeless place

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