To the boy who broke my heart

December 28, 2011
By Anonymous

I played this game with you from the very start

It was all fun and games 'til you broke my heart.

We flirted and teased like we knew each other since forever

Joking around like it was just us, the two of us together.

To me, you were perfect like a star in my eye.

You made me feel happy when I wanted to cry

Thought it was love, but I guess I thought wrong.

I blinded myself and got myself played.

I thought I was immune to a broken heart, but with tears streaming down my cheeks it's obvious I'm not.

Thought I was tough and you weren't worth a dime, but a dime is what it cost for these tears in my eyes.

I may not be so special to you, just another girl that you were going to do,

Mess with her heart and play with her head

I thought you were good enough not to just walk away

'It's over, we're done' Is that what you mean?

By walking away, did it look the way it seemed?

I can't read minds, let alone yours.

Please just give me closure and tell me that it's over.

Because at least with an apology we can be friends,

but maybe you don't want that the way you play your games?

Forgetting I exist, for you that's fine.

What about me?

I will always wonder with a hole in my heart,

Whether I did something wrong or you were playing me from the start...

This was to the boy who broke my heart...

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