What You Say Reverberates In Me

December 27, 2011
By HerMajesty BRONZE, Louisa, Kentucky
HerMajesty BRONZE, Louisa, Kentucky
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What have we done to each other
That has forced us to, while the other is in the room,
Pretend as if we are all alone?
All alone in this world to
Trip over our thoughts and choke on our words.
All of our emotion is building
The Tower of Babel, up and up,
And all the while God is looking down
But he never intervenes until it’s too late.
Too late to save us from ourselves.
Too late to rescue us from each other.
We mutilate ourselves
So that we can’t remember who we are,
Because who we really are would never think
Of spitting this poison and crushing dreams.
What you say reverberates in me,
I let it die but I never forget.
I never forget so that the next time your temper flies
I can use it to boost myself higher.
High in the sky we fly together
But then Ill grab onto your tail feathers
And Ill bring you down.
Down, down so you will have to bear this stormy weather.
I always forgive you but not all the way
Because in the end we all need someone to blame.
I blame you for many things but not what you think
I blame you for my inspiration to put this ink to the page.

The author's comments:
This poem is about my family. Not just one member, all of them. I love my family, but just like everyone we have our flaws, however, we always make it up to each other in the end.

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