The Science Behind Valentine's Day

December 27, 2011
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Once you've seen a real heart you'll be unimpressed,
An Ugly, purple,lumpy thing,
thankfully hidden in your chest,
A childhood dream gone wrong.
Coarsely labelled by some scholarly chump,
Each molecule over analysed,
Trying to pin down what makes it thump,
and gifts us with our piteous lives.
Maybe they thought they found the answer,
In latex gloves clutching scalpel knives,
Or some clue in thee name some chancer,
Assigned to our inner pipes.
Timeless as a construction sight,
Loud, messy smothered in Scaffold's embrace,
It's mythical deadline postponed and out of sight,
Just another expensive source of grievance.
Yet on your petty notebooks, surrounding names,
In blissful, misled teenage scrawl,
You doodle hearts in shapes as tame,
As the real thing is not.
Blessed are you, my dear Bio class,
Taught name from name, and organ from wishes,
You'll I'll ensure will be more prudent,
When handling builders and aortic pumps.
St Valentine's has come again, hope begins to bud,
So let the dissections begin,
A heart just has room for blood,
Write ups for homework and next week,
We'll take a stab at love.

A Bitter Biology Teacher

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