A Mother's Arms

December 29, 2011
By KateLauria GOLD, Merrimac, Massachusetts
KateLauria GOLD, Merrimac, Massachusetts
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Your mother's arms will hold you
From the moment that you wake.
When your eyes first meet,
Part of her soul you'll take.

She'll cherish each moment
That her precious child grows.
This time of adoration
Only a mother knows.

You'll change with every day.
You'll soon say your very first word.
Mother and child will develop a bond
Under the blessing of a cardinal bird.

With strength, she will guide you,
Teaching you wisdom throughout the year.
She'll offer her warm embrace,
As you confront your biggest fears.

When you become a young woman,
Life will try to tear you down.
But your mother's arms will hold you
Creating a smile from you frown.

You'll eventually learn to trust.
But you will trust very few.
You know your mother's arms will be there,
Because forever she'll love you.

Your mother will face her fears
When she finally gives you wings.
Her precious child will discover life
As her cardinal angel sings.

Soon a man will fall in love
With this beautiful life, once so small.
And if this man shall break your heart,
Your mother will be there to break your fall.

Where ever life shall take you
You'll have a mother's hand to hold.
You will share stories like the best of friends,
And together you'll grow old.

Your mother holds your heart,
Her love for you is pure.
And shall your mother ever need you,
In your arms you'll hold her.

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