The Little Voices

December 29, 2011
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the little voices sing
and I dance along to them
exotic tunes
exotic words
and nobody else is hearing
and every eye is watching
who cares?
who the h*** cares?
because when the world moves
you move with it
or else risk
losing your spot in time
ha ha ha ha
what jolly good fun tonight
the little voices chuckle
and I get lost in them again
where am I?
what am I?
who am I?
why am I?
why am I?
why am I?
lost again
drifting through the many
dimensions of my mind
don't know
nor care
for anything
id this god-forsaken place
really my home?
or simply a cold-storage unit
for my soul
and the children scream
and the great birds chirp
but none of them
listen to it
are we just ignorant
or are we also blissful?
I think not!
and yet there they are
the voices
calling out
for my attention
once again
who am I not to listen?
so I drift away again
a man.
a monkey.
a pocket-watch.
no time
no place
no reality
over and over again
in my mind
and I keep on looking
for the oh-so scary truth
like I'll really fid it--
ha ha ha
oh no
the tea kettle's screraming
but I'm not home
to take it off the burner
and thus the whole world
sets itself alight
and I'm stuck here
swimming through the jell-o
that is our society
stuck in it
never breathing
barely moving
never questioning
my whole body tenses at it
the government
ready to pounce
but knowing that death is
perhaps the result of a jump
a gentle breath of wind
caresses my cheek
and I caress it back
fingers through ope air
skin against sky
and they sing again
and I soar
above you
above the nothing building
and the feature-less roads
into an unknown place
deeply lost
but I've never been more in touch
with you
I gaze away
and lose sight
of my inner person
will I ever find you again?
who knows?
who the h*** cares?
perhaps whe the little voices sing.

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