On the Road

December 29, 2011
By Anonymous

6 A.M. on a summer morning.
No worries, no school, just happiness.
I put on my Big Shark jersey and padded shorts,
I top off my two water bottles.
One with Gatorade,
sugary and colored with blue # 1.
The other with filtered water.
I step outside, with the fresh, crisp and refreshing scent,
of summer air,
as the beautiful sun surrounds me,
with its comforting heat.
I open the garage, there it is.
My life, my escape, my moon.
Road Bike seems lonely.
It hangs from a red hook.
I carefully take it down,
pump the tires to 120 PSI.
I hop on and pedal away,
feeling solitude and freedom,
as the wind blows in my face.
There was nothing,
nothing I would rather be doing.
My bicycle and I,
friends until the end of time.
Averaging 23 mph along the journey,
an indescribable emotion.
Like a child who finally locates their life hobby,
after many dull toys and experiences.
Thinking about life, in solitude.
From urbanized Clayton, Missouri,
to the exhilarating, smooth roads of Columbia, Illinois.
Headwind and hills are friends,
not enemies.
85 miles later, my legs still feel new.
Thighs and calfs fresh off the assembly line.
Although my pedaling feels everlasting,
I near home.
Comfort and sadness wave,
as I turn into the driveway.
No worries though,
it is summer.
I will wake up tomorrow,
at 6 A.M. and repeat,
this life saving process again.

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