The Wonderful Gift

December 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Presents impart a feeling,
like no other.
A temporary state,
which is magnificent,
then despairing.
Material items are the basis,
of this infinite conflict.
There is an ultimate gift,
where the exhilarating sense,
is everlasting,
if you choose.
A gift which has no modern value.
So why admire it?
This award requires effort,
exertion and empathy,
when fulfilled correctly.
Do not throw your hands up,
and give up.
You will break your gift into tiny pieces,
like dropping glass,
with no possibility,
of putting it back together.
With the requirements on installment,
this present doesn’t have short-term reactions.
Feelings ahead,
are the final payments,
on the outstanding bill.
Live in the present,
not in the future.
This gift is too short.
Lucky ones will see their efforts,
other ones will know,
they would have been there.
A generous offer that must,
be taken advantage of:

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