Pushed Down

December 29, 2011
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It’s the same story and nothing changes
I am pushed down once again
And although I want to fly
I know it’s no use, all I’ve got is this paper and pen
I try so hard to show my colors and impress everyone
But it always seems that in the end
I end up being the one to run
And still I’m not appreciated
A photograph that’s not dated
Everything I do, I do for you it seems
And I’m losing at the seams
I don’t want to fight anymore
Because now all I want to do is soar
I’m a bird, only my wings are cut
And I’m being held by a force
That can’t be touched
Reaching for some safe truth to hold on to
Because everything has been going wrong
A never-ending war in my head
Replays and all I see is crimson red
Giving up has never looked so good
And if you asked me to erase it all, I would
Because I’m done fighting a war
It’s not in my inner core anymore
I’m sick of fate playing twisted games
And I’m done trying to enhance its fame
I’m gone, I’m done, I’m free
But I laugh because that’ll only be a fantasy
Fingers are pointing at me from all directions
And I’m the one to blame
I’m the supposed animal that needs to be tamed
Just please! Let it be
It’s all messed up, can’t you see?
Sometimes you have to walk away
And let it all go without a say
Leaving the burning house at last
Don’t want to hurt, I need to go fast
But it’ll always be the same story
And I am pushed down once again.

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