December 26, 2011
the screen door slams,
drowning out his critical words
out here is my only escape,
my door to a different world
the gentle wind rustling in my hair can't judge,
the dewy grass between my toes can't talk back
I can lie on the ground and stare at the clouds,
warm my face in the sun
sometimes it doesn't feel real,
living,but not really
as I should,
always fearing the storms of life
the hail of my father's judgement,
but out here things just happen
the wind doesn't need
permission to blow,
the clouds are not ordered to rain
everything does what it should, deep down nature is a part of me
I am a bird flying away from things
that cause me pain and regret,
the winds of my heart change frequently,
and harbor bitter resentment
for what i cannot change,
i need a cleansing rain to start over
each hurtful memory to,
be washed away
but right now it is getting cold
my jacket is in the house,
i take a deep breath in
open the door to reality,
and say goodbye to my fantasy

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