The Other Side

December 26, 2011
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He cries alone and afraid
Starving and and tired 
His ribs poke through his shallow skin
Breathing to his sisters and brothers

He has become the mother and the father
Providing and suffering
He has filled the gap left through love
Hurting and crying

He has done nothing wrong
Not his fault the seas swept away
His innocence, dreams, and aspirations
Dying and depressed

Water is necessity
Food is only secondary
Shelter can wait
Beds are unheard of

She is surrounded and crying
Balloons, streamers, and a chewed cake
She is whining and complaining
Of things that didn't come on the perfect day

She has become the naïve child
Staining the hundred dollar dress and shoes
She has become spoiled and rotten
Through the massive sugar intake

She has parents who will die
To buy her the latest toys and treasures
She will grow up to gain
Education and popularity

Clothes are necessity
Makeup is secondary
Hair can't wait
Old shoes are unheard of

But she will never know how much
He is suffering 
He will never understand the technology 
Of their own generation

Alone and together
United and weak
They stand as the leaders
As the followers they revolt

To the history books they go
Enemies who know not the other name
He who knows no luxuries of life
She who knows no true love in life
Connected through a separate need

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