December 26, 2011
By Afeed BRONZE, Dhaka, Other
Afeed BRONZE, Dhaka, Other
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Sleepless and lost in the darkest alleyways,
Whimpering softly against the howling winds.
No home to find, no kindly smile to guide,
His moans echo across the lifeless town.
Withering trees hail over the desert streets,
Brown-gray skies choked with grime and cloud.

Bones chill against the icy kiss,
Of the dying moon, fading from night, and yet lost is the day.
Twilight shrieks against the un-coming dawn,
“Light will not come, he is gone”
The world is hush-ed, for they fear the truth.

And then, the world quakes, and the heavens roll,
A step from afar, and a distant call,
Summer winds swoop through the alleys, the halls and inns,
Guiding hands reach unto him, sweep aside the dust on his hair,
Steal the tears from his cheeks, and whispers softly into his ear,
“ Nothing can hurt you anymore, so long as Baba is here.”

And the clouds pounded away the smog and smoke,
And the withering trees crashed unto the ruined homes,
Rose then a new blossoming land, saplings anew,
Pitching green vales and rolling verdant hills.
And the boy held his father’s hand,
And laid his head against his chest,
Closed his eyes and drifted away from the paradise.

He awakens from the forgotten terror,
Searches the rooms for his constant savior,
Softly creeks open that familiar door,
And with expert care he lies besides him,
Hugs him tight while he sleeps, and whispers in his ear,
“Thank you Baba, for always being there.”

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