Animal Farm

December 25, 2011
By Najla Brown BRONZE, Tequesta, Florida
Najla Brown BRONZE, Tequesta, Florida
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Animal Farm:
An Alternative to a Book Report

The place was known as Manor Farm,
Where all the animals were in harm
From the owner Mr. Jones.
They were left unfed and alone.

Major, the farm’s prize winning pig, had a dream.
As he told it, the animals stared at him with a glowing beam.
To escape the abuse, he knew they needed a solution.
He wanted to start an animal revolution.

Before he could see the revolt tried,
Major’s old age was the reason he died.
To carry on and lead all,
Two new pigs tried to lead, Napoleon and Snowball.

When they were tired of how they were mistreated,
They ran off the humans who were quickly defeated.
The Battle of the Cowshed became the fights’ name,
From this the animals gained some fame.

The Seven Commandments were the rules they were to live by;
The Beasts of England was their battle cry.
The place was no longer known as Manor Farm.
The Hoof and Horn flag flew over the new Animal Farm!

Each animal was given a job.
They needed to work together and not run wild like a mob.
The horse, Boxer, was the perfect worker and said, “I must work harder,”
But Snowball said building a windmill would be smarter.

Napoleon and Snowball disagreed.
Each had a different idea how to lead.
Snowball was chased away sooner than later.
Napoleon became a dictator.

The animals were confused as the Commandments changed.
The pigs seemed to benefit as the words were rearranged.
The pigs didn’t work but ate the best produce
And even moved into the farmer’s house for their personal use.

The humans tried one more time to take the farm back,
But the Battle of the Windmill was another lost attack.
Napoleon began trusting no animals except a few certain hogs.
Confession trials were held with the guilty killed by the police dogs.

The pigs and humans were difficult to tell apart.
They were drinking alcohol, wearing clothes, and walking on two legs, for a start.
They began to sell and trade with Mr. Pilkington.
The Seven Commandments seemed to have been undone.

Major’s revolution was gone to make things better for all there.
This was the story by George Orwell also known as Eric Blair.
Manor Farm to Animal Farm and back again to Manor Farm,
Where “All animals are equal, some are just more equal than others."

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