The ocean

December 25, 2011
By DingDongRandom SILVER, Diamond Bar, California
DingDongRandom SILVER, Diamond Bar, California
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I can offer you nothing but blood, sweat, and toils

The tides licked the shores hungrily,
I saw the menacing and powerful waves well up, and hit the shore .
Then I saw it, the perfect wave, it was rushing towards me,
I mounted my board with my friends to comfort me.
The the dark waters held something in it, I saw what I thought to be a Head.
The gloomy, dark water was going to caving in on me.

The water hit me like a hammer, It took me under to the god forsaken waters
then something, something seemed to grasp for me foot,
I lunged for air, but the thing, the thing seemed to be determined to suffocate me.
I swam in vain, years worth of adrenaline pumped through me,
The thing, held me down, never giving me a break.
I opened my eyes, and I saw a hand holding my foot down
I screamed for help, But the water washed it down with its evil hands.
The seconds ticked by like hours, hours of torture.
Then a wave of blackness hit me, and it hit me hard.

I landed on the surf with my back down
I cough out sea water
My eyes were swollen
I looked down and saw the hand
It was never a hand, it was seaweed,
Then my friend came over and he told me that when I Wiped out
I seemed to be swimming for shore.
I knew what it was, the man in the water let me go in pity.
Oh how it haunts me still.
Oh How the man whispers in my ears, don't come back at night, next time you will die.
The word die echoed and echoed.

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