The Perfect Tools

December 25, 2011
Together we paint a picture
one of many images
with intricate designs
small stories tell themselves
as we crisscross and draw our lines
for amomnt
we scribble out our diferences
on the canvas of our lives
shading in reigons
wher the light may never shine
light scetching in our dreams
though the pictre we are drawing
isnt necessarily wht it seems
though some lines drift off
into a blank sea
they still complement our picture
in few places
tht are complete
we splashed colour
vibrant and bold
calm and serene
thats how we complement one another
each second is a new scene
we design at random
lost in our own story
creating a colloge of memories
bending to our minds demands
though i may not always have someone to draw with
oim happy with who holds the second pencil
if they ever drop it
trust, i will break down to cry
but i will always keep drawing
until my story is told and the well runs dry
together we paint a picture
one with mant curves and lines
moral of the story
i stole your heart
you stole mine

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