Breaking Free

December 25, 2011
By StephieMars BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
StephieMars BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"All the world's a stage, and the men and women are merely it's players." - William Shakespeare

How is it that I always fall short?

All I've ever wanted to do was make you happy

But you made that impossible when you put me on that pedestal

Take me down!

I don't want to be up here

Here, where every thing is perfect

And I'm judged as if I am perfect

I'm not perfect!

I make mistakes!

But you didn't give me a chance to show you just how human I am

You wanted someone to worship so you put me on a pedestal

You knew that one day I would falter and you took pride in that

Why do my failures make you happy?

How can you expect me to be perfect but stand there and wish that I would fail?

Wish that I would fall

I sit up here alone and wish you would come to reality

I'm not perfect!

I'm not worthy to be held so high that I feel like I am one with the clouds

I am not worthy of your worship!

But I don't deserve your hatred and spite

All I ever wanted to do was live!

Let me Live!

I'm tired of trying to make sure everything I do pleases you.

I'm tired of being up here all alone!

I'm coming down.

I'm going to live

Sorry if I upset you,

but what about me?

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