Holding On To The Pieces, That Were Left Behind.

December 25, 2011
By hijkmichelle SILVER, Zanesville, Ohio
hijkmichelle SILVER, Zanesville, Ohio
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i love you i hate you

If I asked you to stay
Would you come back to me
If I talked for a change would you be mine
Looking through the night
I feel so blind
You'd be breaking my heart
All over again
And I'd be left
Picking up the pieces
Holding on to whats left
Holding on to myself
Trying to find where I went wrong
Just say you'll stay
I'll believe your lie
Holding on to the piece that were left behind
how could love
Ever be so blind
We didn't see then
But we see it now
The love that we once had
It wasn't just a game
It was love
It was true love
And we can't live a lie
Or maybe I can't live a lie
Now baby
Don't you tell me
That your love was a lie
I won't take no good-bye
This time
There's no chance to leave
So baby
Don't say good-bye
This time
I won't take it
I can't
Hold on to the pieces that are left behind

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