The Boy In The White Coffin

December 24, 2011
I’ve been walking a long road,

not knowing where I'm going,

but i know that i have a destination.

the roads are completely vacant,

and the smell of ash and death

haunt my nose like a classic horror.

i walked for many miles,

against the deserted plain

surrounding this black dusty road.

it was silent, not a chirp a giggle or a scream,

there was just miles and miles of complete desert.

my legs were not tired, nor was i out of breath.

it was like my feet were moving,

but i couldn’t feel them

it felt like i wasn't there.

i eventually got to a four-way stop

and a sign that said “welcome to nowhere”

eventually i started to think,

was i dreaming,

was this vision

this walk

just a simple mind game,

was it a personal mental war of mine.

I became afraid, so i stopped walking.

i sat for hours collecting thoughts,

where was i before i started walking?

who was i with?

why was i walking?

and why cant i remember who i am?

i came to conclusion

that these answers i searched for

weren't coming to me,

so i decided

in my mind

that i haven't been walking

in circles,

nor have i ran into anything i might have seen once or twice.

and to be honest i couldn't feel a thing, not tired,

not out of shape.

in fact i only felt one thing,

and that feeling was

that i was completely and utterly alone.

I waited for the night sky to darken

and would hope

that it would be a starry night

, at least so i could feel something more,

something less lonely.

eventually i realized that the sky wasn't changing,

and if i wanted answers

i would have to keep walking.



or straight.

those were my options.

I decided to go straight.

eventually, after what seemed an eternity

in the middle of nowhere,

a white church with a big red door,

suddenly became within my vision.

and for once,

i didn't feel alone.

i heard people yelling

and screaming.

it sounded like a moment of rejoice.

I figured i would enter the church,

maybe it was a Sunday.

but when i walked

in everyone was sitting down.

the church consisted of two sides,

for some odd reason it was segregated.

to my left

were a group of whites

that looked related in some way

and to my right

were many black complexional faces

that also looked related.

some where crying,

some were laughing,

hell some of them

just had a blank empty stare.

and then there was a line,

right down the center of the church,

leading to what appeared to be a casket.

in my discovery

i decided that this wasn't the place for me,

that maybe i should look somewhere else

for answers or for directions for that matter.

i did the quickest turn around,

and in my face was a masculine brown skinned

man dressed all in white.

he told me that everything was okay,

that i could do this.

and he turned me around.

I figured that he misinterpreted me.

that he figured i was scared

to deal with the person

laying in that coffin.

so i did, i walked on.

gradually moving closer and closer.

the face out of the blur,

became more complete,

more defined.

it seemed to be a young man,

he had to be related to both sides,

because his skin was that of coffee.

as i approached him more and more

i decided that maybe i should turn around,

because his face became very noticeable,

like I’ve seen him before.

i came to a complete stop,

and in that very moment

every question that came to mind

was answered.

I remembered

that it probably wasn't Sunday.

I remembered

where was i before i started walking.

I remembered

who was i with.

I remembered

why i was walking.

and at that very moment

I remembered who i was.

I was the boy in the white coffin.

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