lonely christmas

December 24, 2011
By ashley13xo SILVER, Bradford, Other
ashley13xo SILVER, Bradford, Other
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Today is christmas eve
I sit by the fire all alone
I had visions of me and you a month ago
We’d be sitting here together
Your arm around my waist
My head would be on your shoulder
You kiss me on the cheek
We’d sit there forever
Or so it would seem
I’d look up at you
And my smile would gleam
You were my fairytale
Or so i thought
The guy who proved me wrong
The one that loved me from the start
We’d cuddle all night
Until morning did shine
Then we’d open the presents
I’d love mine
We’d stand under the mistletoe
I’d look into your eyes
We’d have our first kiss
But so much for that
Instead you lied
Everything you said from hello to good-bye
You have no idea the pain im in
You say its for the best
That we’ll be just friends
But as i sit here alone
Where is my “friend”?
I still cry
All the time
You were my first love
The first guy i trusted with my heart
But a short time later
You broke it in 2
Its sits on the ground
Shattered from all the lies
You told me you loved me
But your with her tonight
I just wish i could go back in time
Make everything different
We’d just be friends
I’d never tell you i loved you
I’d keep it to myself
Then we would be happy
I feel so lonely
Without you every day
To see you with her breaks me
Just ask all my friends
They see the pain i hide behind my smile
I just wish you understood i still love you
I mean im almost over you
But im still in pain
I hope to find a guy
Who loves me just the same
But wont lie to me when he says he’ll be there through thick and thin
I tell him a secret he’ll still be there in the end
Very few friends know
I have a crush on a new guy
Hes the sweetest and cutest
My dream guy
he hardly knows i exsist
and we never ever talk
but im making it my goal
to change that in the end
so please as your sitting there
with your arm around her waist
remember the good we had
and that im thinking about you on this cold lonely night
merry Christmas to you
have a jolly good time
i’ll never forget you
even if it was all based on lies

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