The Flow

December 24, 2011
To Flow, first one must know rhythm. This, I do
After knowing rhythm, one learns to move
To move, you simply listen to the music and let it move you
This, to me, is the cornerstone of Flow

To Flow in the sidewalks and halls is not enough
To Flow, one must be ready with the rhythmic beats of battle
In Flow, you dance from one opponent to another, never thinking,
Just letting the music move you

Flow, this mark of mine, is considered of both whimsy and terror
To some, it is the joy of music lending shelter
To others, it is the horror of whimsy and danger
To both, this is the reason for me

Of what point is seeing the toll?
Of what point is enduring the hell worth?
To me, The Flow is what stays my mind
To me, The Flow is what grounds me to Reality

Flow on, Flow through, Flow from man to man
Join us in this promised dance
And watch your mind enjoy
For this Flow is my Pride and Joy

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