Away from here

December 24, 2011
Away from this place
In the back of her mind
The place she’d escape
And where she would hide

In the back corner of
Her room in the night
Is where she would go
And drift into flight

The clock moved around
And dark took over light
She made her escape
And she was out of sight

The clouds drew in
The rain came down
She hid from the world
Until morning came around

Mountains grew daisies
And apples on trees
She sat in a meadow
And did what she pleased

Sun shined through
And helped her cope
And then she was left with
Nothing but hope

Away from it all
In this majestic new space
She recognized now
She had a safe place

In the midst of her dreams
Is where she would steer
Her life in the right direction
Just to get away from here

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Dec. 28, 2011 at 10:36 pm
I liked this idea a lot. I think its very easy to connect to... the notion of losing ourselves in a different world of dreams. Its a concept used a lot. However, what I really enjoyed was the additional idea that you integrated. The part where the dream can give rise to hope in addition to a temporary sanctuary. I'd just like to point out the fact that this is a very structured poem. Thus, I'm not entirely sure that it counts as "free verse".
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