Devil's Nightmare

December 1, 2011
By Pramsay SILVER, Madeira, Ohio
Pramsay SILVER, Madeira, Ohio
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Who decides the difference?
Dreams and nightmares appear in the same form
My best dreams are your worst nightmares
I am the serpent and the angel

Pride is the destroyer of all that is good
This heart is black and full of ash
I want to devour your soul
You are mine in this pit of fury

Fear and anxiety make the man
The blame falls upon your shoulders
An eerie fog rolls in from nowhere
Darkness engulfs your vision

Something is watching from the shadows
Ruby fluids spray across the wall
Laughter is heard from a distance
In the mirror all you can see are demented eyes

Down on your knees, struggling to see
Through the blur your skin is pale
Those around begin to convulse on sight
Breath of smoke and burning forever

The pain overwhelms any tolerance
Pins and needles pierce the skin
Flames and shouts of agony are familiar
The searing flesh smells of char

Control is lost, only the will to live remains
Spiders crawl from under your skin and eat out your eyes
Sanity begins to slip away as you beg to the heavens
Strapped down in this prison, no one will save you

I am the demon of this world
All danger is projected from me
Power is having the will to do what my opponent will not
Face me again the next time you rest
Or I will see you after death

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