Paper Heart

November 30, 2011
In third grade we used to mess around and say how rain was just god pissing on our heads and I never understood how god could do that..Rain is some kids tears from being bullied just because hes smarter, or a young girls first paper heart break because shes only 15 and has a daughter, So for you I have cried waterfalls, Niagra Falls, hurricanes, and blizzards, but not once a river. From the time I made paper boats, I was so fascinated at how paper was being suspended and water never engulfed it. Then why am I sinking? You’re supposed to be my captain, my sailor, but instead of steering me you held me down and let me drown by being an anchor. From the time when I younger my mother told me I was loud like thunder and fast as light. I worry now for the other children who don’t have my mum, who don't have my friends, because they don’t have anyone to build up from, so that when they’re older they don’t have any hopes or dreams to make it seem any better. All just because no one caught them when their paper boats tipped over. Kids shouldn’t worry they should be fighting pirates, using boxes for forts, jumping around and screaming astronauts then blowing up dinosaurs! But that's just it violence. what pisses me off is that parents are to blame because kids don’t know s*** and cant be free I remember being loud and always screaming. parents worry about their child watching whatever because they’re paranoid of danger and language f***ing whatever,but they always seem to forget is that majority of songs involve drugs, sex, alcohol, rejection, breaking the law. parents are to blame because they have amazing children and commonly forget to show it. My friend forced herself to do drugs because her parents ignore her and then she got addicted. I threw her a rope and a knife to cut her own anchor. Were too young to be hurt, too young to know about anchors, too beautiful to care about bastards of danger. So, next time it rains i’ll feel someone’s unanswered prayers and I will then tip my hat to them and send them my paper boat in their direction.

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