Lost and Hate

November 30, 2011
So many times
I’ve heard
how somebody
f***ing cares
Thinks everything of me
Here we go
with him

He tells me he cars
conveys it
in the hugs
he gives
Wanted to be with me

He called me
read it in his eyes

Now he turned me
and I can’t
turn back
I’ll hold my
because I thought
he was

Apparently not . . .

He brings me so close
only to turn
Tell me there’s
hope –
when he wants another –
I knew
there wasn’t

Losing so much
Only for him
to doubt me
in the end
I’m buried
in all his s***

Guess it’s mine

He’ll take my
hands in his
love affection
I can’t resist
Everything I feel
is through touch
but he’ll turn away
hurt in my heart
irritation in his

for a boy I love
and can never have again
for a girl
who openly
accused him
of something
he’s not

for a boy
I lost everything to
for a girl
I’ve never respected
Not even once

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