November 30, 2011
The secrets
and lies
as well as
truth in all your
pain and
you’ve made
all in the name
for what you
believe is love

The scars
not just on your
heart, but
on your skin
as well

The tears
and gifts
you thought
made you loved
and cared for
Every fight
about normal things
you thought
an apology
could cover it up

The make up
you applied
you thought looked
couldn’t cover
the bruises
and scars
he left on you

Never the
amount of
black you more
the color
you dyed your
could take him
out of your
past life

You thought you
loved that boy
who held you
took you for who
you were
so weak
you had to leave him

you believed
so cruel
took him from you
forced him away
to never see him
ostracize you
destroy who you were

Now he’s left
a hole so big
and bruises
and wounds
a year later
have barely
begun to heal

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