Is it worth not growing up?

December 22, 2011
By Poohcreative PLATINUM, Maputo, Other
Poohcreative PLATINUM, Maputo, Other
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What do I really want?
To not step out of cocoon
Remain the yolk secured by its hard shell
Protected, nurtured, loved
Even entertained.
Granted an extent of liberty
Secured by harm
An illusion in the perfectly comfortable world

Or is the excitement of unconstrained freedom
Worth breaking the far boundaries?
To explore, follow intuition
Is it worth the mistakes, challenges
That might take place?
The thought of danger
The thought of limitlessness
Independence and responsibility
Should they scare me or inspire me?

My friend asked, “Don’t you hate asking permission before every party?”
Followed by a torrent of questions.
Who else is going?
Will they be drinking?
How late is it?
What are you wearing?

If I have to answer truthfully
Its worth not worrying
About where I shall sleep tonight
How to buy a new pair of clothes
Whether I shall have another meal
Or someone to depend on as my own?

But is it worth not growing up?

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