December 22, 2011
By CHYLAH SILVER, Poteet, Texas
CHYLAH SILVER, Poteet, Texas
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A smile that never reaches her eyes
A laugh that never reaches her soul
A hug she cannot feel
A numbness that is everlasting
Numb to the world around her but not the pain inside
The allure of love and the false hope it provides
Beckoning to her like the warmth of a sun rise
Filling her eyes with light, a change from the sticky dull of pain
A light that soon fades, dripping out in the tears she cries
Her heart flooding with pain, and drowning in tears
Waiting for the sun rise to return
Through the dark night she cries
Tears of anguish wash away her pain
The sun rises for another day
The smile fake, and misleading, but it keeps the questions away
To start another day and end another night
Anxious for the day to last
To end her waking pain, and kill the darkest night
The lingering bitter taste of tears as it fades
The smile becoming real
The flood waters draining
The pain being released by a loving hug, and a waking happiness
Stored away for months like a sleeping bear
Waiting for warmer weather to warm her soul,
and make her smile warm and real again
To make her... Her

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in April of 2011 about six days after my dad passed away from cancer. i was feeling a little lost and out of character and found i was smiling and caring on as i thought i was supposed to. when i was asked about my absence from school by another student i wasn't able to speak much but he told me it was okay and that he was there for me. he made me realize how i was really feeling and i wrote this poem just after the conversation fell silent. i really hope you enjoy this poem.

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