I Can't Function

December 22, 2011
By Acebbyka BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Acebbyka BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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"Life is what u Make it"

I can’t function the fact that you are so negative to anyone and everyone. If I was to ask you the real number of people you put down and hurt physically and emotionally. There would be never ending numbers. This is just a phase, just a similar figure of pure evil. Your identity is hidden behind the girl everyone thought you were. Can your parents function the fact that they gave birth to a selfish and heartless child. I sit here starring at the walls, thinking of an infinitely solutions. While you and everyone else say there’s no solution to this situation. You’re like a parallel line that won’t cross or bond with other people. It’s like our relationship is going downhill, of our imaginary slope. Do you use the elimination method to erase the glowing, Smart and kind girl we know? I mean I just don’t understand. I don’t judge you by the way you act toward others, because I don’t know your life story. But I rate you every once in a while, because I know somewhere deep down you’re a beautiful person with a wonderful personality. Why can’t you just show it?

The author's comments:
People in school can be so mean , When behind close doors there really Nice and smart. This situation happened to me before!

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