As the Curtain Falls

December 1, 2011
By YukiBella SILVER, Tampa, Florida
YukiBella SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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\"I can see the sky while staring at the ground. \"-Corey Wittborn


Your light touch.

As you dance your dance across the stage.

So careful.

Yet it seems that everything is one fluid move.

Lovely girl.

I see you rock and sway.

You don't miss a beat.

Beautiful dancer.

The way you move,
it tells everything.

Why speak if you can just show your audience what you mean.




Across this great stage.

Dancing along with the orcachtrate.

Lovely girl.

Beautiful dancer.

Twirling and spinning.

So caught in the dancing.

You don't even notice this villain.

Watching you.

Waiting for you.

Loving you.


Your dance is his heroin.

Yet, if he can't have it.

No one can.

As the curtain falls,
the gun shot is heard,
and the ballerina falls.

Leaving her final curtain call.

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