Shades Of Nothing

December 9, 2011
By RoundAndRound BRONZE, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
RoundAndRound BRONZE, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"And what's left? What's left when all those terribly important things fade, when memories disappear, and you can't even remember your own name? What's left Mrs.Smith?"-Stage Manager, Our Town

Don't forget yourselves,
Not like me,
With chains about my soul,
And a couple knives through my heart.




Hit the line,

And there's no turning back now,

Rock bottom here we come.
S l i p past the watchful eyes,
Just don't make any sudden moves,
Or the game is over before it's begun.

And we're off to a pleasant start,
Tumbling head over heels for shadows and memories,
While I shackle myself to days better left forgotten.
Oh what a world we wander through,
Slipping through the questions like a rat beneath the floorboards of sanity.

(You said we'd be fine.)

{I'm also a liar.}

{Perhaps they're connected?}
{No, just musings echoing in a hollow skull.}

Whoops I did it again,

Told the story before the narrator had begun,

And with all the secrets spilled we might as well go home.


(Where was it again?)

(Where the heart is you say?)

(I guess we're heading to a graveyard.)
My fault,
My legacy,
Interchangeable as if born from the same womb,
Hand in hand like children afraid to walk alone,
Something we never had the power to do ourselves.

Slam against the pavement,

A veritable oasis of indecisiveness.



There's no time left,

Wasted lives spent sitting in the dark,

And the record of desolation spinning round and round.

:que echoes:
We are the silence,
The screaming reverberating throughout the blank page we lay upon,
And I think I might've just woken up.

Dreams flutter through my eyes,

Their white wings ripped away by the freezing wind whipping through her hair,

Icicles forming on her cheeks,







g down the face of insecurity.
Lift your arms with me,
Through the gray sky into the canvas beyond,
*blank* like my conscience,
*blank* like your eyes.

Rip it away from your face,
The hollow insanity draped upon our minds,
The clarity that forces us to see the world as it truly is.

(Frightening isn't it?)
The sun fades into a million shades of nothing,
Each piece of it dimmed form faintly glitteirng in the shine of your long lost smile.

{But how was I to know she'd jump?}

{That he'd fall?}

{That I'd die?}
Maybe it is all just a dream,
A fantasy for children to sing of in chorus to the harps of angels,
While the whole time haunting us as our own boogeyman.

Truth will kill us,

God will save us,

I will doom us,

And we



The author's comments:
This was written to help me understand where I was at the moment, to show others where they might be, and to pull us all out.

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